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Was That a Rat? Signs of Rats at Your Business

If you see a rat, you should call a pest control company at once. Prolonging the call only allows the rats to multiply and it doesn’t take long for hundreds of them to fill your business, where major concern begins. Rats bite, they carry disease, and the huge critters are certainly discomforting to see in a business. It is imperative that you know the signs that rates are in your business, even when you do not see them. Make the call to a commercial pest control staten island at once if any of the signs below are present or if you see rats in the business area.

The most obvious sign that you have rats is actually spotting the rodent scurrying across the floor or appliances in your business. But, there are many other signs that indicate you might have a problem with rats. These signs include:

commercial pest control staten island

·    Droppings: Rats leave brown droppings spanning up to 14mm long. It resembles a grain of rice. This is an obvious sign of rats.

·    Footprints: Just like humans, rats leave footprints behind, particularly in any dusty areas of a building.

·    Scratching Noises: Black rats, also called roof rats, make their entrance through your upper floor or roof. Scratching noises signals that rats have come in or that they are attempting to make their way inside

·    Nests: Rat nests are not out in the open because the hide them to keep humans away. If you suspect rats, you should start the hunt for these nests. Rats will use many different materials to construct their nests. They shred these items to make the nest. These materials include newspaper and fabric. The nests are oftentimes placed near a food source.

You won’t be happy until rats are gone. Make that call to the pest control pros at once!

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