red oak planks

The differences between oak hardwoods

You’ve made the decision to get a hardwood floor, and you’ve decided to go oak. However, the decision making doesn’t end there, because there are two different types of oak hardwood and you’ll need to pick between them.

Oak is affordable and easy to use for hardwood floors, being extremely tough and durable, but there are two species of oak. You can either have red oak planks or white oak planks, and each one has its benefits. While both are good types of floors to own and have relatively the same price, you might look for one over the other depending on the benefits they offer.

Red oak, despite what the name suggests, is lighter than white oak. White oak is a darker wood starting out but once both kinds of wood are stained, they look about the same. If you don’t want to stain the wood, then the color will matter to you, but if you plan on staining, the wood color can be customized.

red oak planks

The red oak also has stronger graining, making it look more rustic and allowing for any dents and scratches to blend in with the wood. White oak is much smoother and more uniform, so if your house’s existing flooring leans more towards one texture style than the other it could influence your choice.

Take a look at the type of flooring you have or the type you might want to get, and then try to match the type of oak hardwood to the feel you want in your home. Depending on whether you want a rustic or smooth feel with your hardwood, or the color you want, or the type of grain, your choice will be influenced.

Understand the things that will influence your choice and then the type of oak wood will choose itself! 

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